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SEO to reverse Google Penalty

Rebuilding a site's organic traffic base after a penalty.

Project summary

After being manually penalised by Google due to some shady links pointing at their domain, this site approached seoWorks for assistance with rebuilding the organic traffic base. The site’s penalty had arisen due to a mix of backlinks from forum, profile and comment spam.

Following completion of an initial SEO audit, seoWorks identified several thousand links from more than 500 domains that were flagged as problematic and spammy. This backlink profile had triggered a manual penalty on the domain. Through contacting webmasters, building disavowal lists, and working with Google’s search console, seoWorks was able to get the manual penalty removed, restoring organic traffic to the site.

Following the removal of the penalty, seoWorks executed an SEO plan for ongoing onsite optimization and white hat link outreach to improve the quality of the site’s link profile, ensuring that such a manual action would not affect the site again, and building a foundation for continued healthy organic traffic growth.

Sample Phrases

  • Custom Dog Collars
  • Cool Dog Collars
  • Embroidered Dog Collars
  • Personalised Dog Collars
  • Pet ID Tags
  • Dog Collar with Name
  • NFL Team Dog Collars
  • Dog Collars and Tags


  • Disavowed or removed nearly 3,000 spam links
  • Google manual penalty lifted
  • Organic traffic increased dramatically (80% – 100% monthly increase) following penalty removal
  • Over 15,000 visits from organic traffic per month




Pet Products


Google manual penalty lifted and growth

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