ecommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO

Connecting pet lovers and their pets with pet supplies.

Project summary

This start-up company provides pet lovers and their pets with pet supplies, online and in-store, as well as veterinary care services at each of their group of clinics. The SEO Works was approached to assist this organization in achieving significant growth in revenues from organic search traffic.

The assignment commenced with an SEO audit, where we identified some key structural initiatives that needed to be implemented, as well as providing the research and analysis that formed the foundation for their SEO strategy. We recommended our Genesis 50 Plan and allocated two of our experienced digital analysts to execute the strategy.

As you will see from the above highlights, the outcomes have exceeded all our client’s expectations and the now-profitable company is enjoying further successes as the business goes from strength to strength.


  • pet supplies
  • pet supplies online
  • pet store online
  • pet food
  • cat food
  • dog food
  • advantix – brand
  • nextgard – brand
  • +200 other keywords


  • Traffic growth from 20,000 to 200,000 users in 12 months
  • Revenue growth exceeds traffic growth
  • E-commerce conversion ratio increased by 15%
  • Page views per visit increased from 1.9 to 3.2
  • Over 200 keywords are now ranked on Page 1, 50% in the top 3 positions


Vet and pet care


E-commerce growth


10x traffic growth YOY

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Philadelphia SEO Company

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